Write for us

We accept pitches with solid story ideas. Our stories demonstrate HOW people, groups, and solutions-minded initiatives innovatively solve social problems meaningfully in Nigeria and Africa. 

The impact of the response to a problem does not have to be large-scale; neither must the person or group responding to the problem be a big household name. We are interested in just any local innovative effort with provable outcomes that make the lives of Nigerians and Africans easier, healthier, and more meaningful.

We also vigorously investigate well-intended projects that start out promisingly but failed, with an eye to learning why they failed and how such failures can be avoided. So an idea about what failed might be a good fit for us, provided the writer can investigate and convincingly show why it failed and the lessons to be learned.

We pay our freelance contributors a modest fee for a 1000-1,200-words story length. Meanwhile, we love our stories emotions-filled and rendered conversationally.

Please use this attached template to send your pitch to