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last updated Tue, May 23, 2023 1:09 PM

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WhatsApp now allows you to edit sent messages

By Stephanie Iyimoga
| Updated 13:09 23/05/2023
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In a post on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, announced that WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that allows users to edit messages they've already sent. 

The feature enables users to edit their sent messages on WhatsApp, giving them more control over their chats. 

Zuckerberg who announced the feature in a post on Facebook said, "For the moments when you make a mistake or simply change your mind, you can now edit your sent messages on WhatsApp. We're excited that you'll now have more control over your chats, such as correcting misspellings or adding more context to a message." 

To edit a message, users need to tap and hold the message for a while and then select the "Edit" option from the menu within 15 minutes of sending it.

Previously, WhatsApp users had to delete messages or send separate corrections in new messages. However, Meta has now made it easier for users to edit their messages directly. 

The feature is currently being rolled out to users and will be available to everyone in a few weeks. 

It's worth noting that editing features have been available on other platforms like Telegram and Signal before WhatsApp introduced this feature. Additionally, Twitter has granted its premium users access to an edit button.



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