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Uberfact denies allegations of payment to share cocaine case document on Tinubu

By Victor Akuma
| Updated 11:56 11/04/2023
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Uberfact, a Twitter account focused on sharing facts around the world, has denied allegations that it got paid to share documents showing that Bola Tinubu, Nigeria's President-elect forfeited over $400,000 dollars in a drug-related case.

Uberfact's sharing of the court document on Twitter sparked hostile reactions from supporters of Tinubu, who accused the platform of being paid to tarnish Tinubu's name and using his popularity to gather followers.

Uberfacts who quoted People’s Gazette wrote in its tweet that "In 1993, Bola Ahmed Tinubu surrendered $460,000 to the US government after a Chicago court found the income came from heroin trafficking."

Adamu Garba II, a known APC member, and supporter of Tinubu said, said the document from Uberfact was vague and targeted to gather followers.



Festus Kayamo, Nigeria's Minister of State for Labour, and one of Tinubu's Presidential  Campaign Council or PCC spokesperson said the tweet was the job of a paid hack and should be ignored. 

But the platform insist that the information it shared was a publicly available fact: "For clarification, the source was United States Court documents which are public records and available in their entirety here," it tweeted, adding "No I wasn’t paid to post that, in cash, kernel or otherwise."  



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