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Twitter guardian angel for desperate NYSC hopeful

By Yusuf Adua
| Updated 15:54 09/08/2023
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Kehinde Omoyemi’s hope of participating in the 2023 Batch ‘A Stream II Orientation Course of the National Youth Service Corps or NYSC scheduled to hold between April 26 and May 16, 2023, was hanging on a thread. He is an orphan on the one hand and utterly idle for the crux of 2023 on the other. 

So, when he was posted to Akwa Ibom state, he knew he had slumped into the wrong side of luck. Transport fare from his base in Iwere Ile, Iwajowa Local Government Area of Oyo state, to Ikot Itie Udung, Nsit Atai Local Government Area, the NYSC camp cost a fortune. 

“From my base (Iwere Ile) to Ibadan, I will spend N2,500. Afterwards, I will then cough out another  fN15,000 to Akwa Ibom from Ibadan. Considering that the money was not all I would have to spend, it was impossible for me to get the money”, Omoyemi recounted to Prime Progress.

Aside from the transport, the NYSC orientation course comes with many other overbearing expenses. And in most cases, one will not receive any money from the agency until one gets to the camp. 

“People told me I would be paid my first allowance (33,000) and another  N3,200  at the camp. It cannot only make up for the orientation course’s expenses but also wouldn’t come as and when due, which is in preparation for the course.”

He could not get help; even his hasty decision to approach online lending platforms did not materialise because they were not willing to loan him what would suffice. 

Mr Anonymous to the rescue

Omoyemi had been a Twitter user since 2020 during the ban. One of the features that attracted him was the Twitter space. He had cemented virtual friendships with a few individuals he often met on the network. 

“I announced on the space that I was in a financial debacle and put my problems to them. Everyone in that space only prayed for me with zero assistance. A day later, I received a direct message from a catfish account (an account without a verifiable identity) asking me to send my account details.”

The anonymous helper sent Omoyemi N45,000 and did not give him any room to express his appreciation. 

“He sent the money without an account name and told me not to publicise the helping hand. It is still surprising to me as I recount. From September onwards, I will start something like that too '', he promised.



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