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Stranger to Angel: A Journey of kindness from Kano to Gombe

By Yahuza Bawage
| Updated 16:35 28/08/2023
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On a sunlit afternoon of August 23, 2023, with temperatures soaring to 34°C in the city of Kano, an incident unfolded that would resonate deeply with all those fortunate enough to witness it.

Around 2 PM. that day, Kamalu Umar, Ibrahim Umar, and Musa Garzali, three young individuals in their early twenties, arrived at the bustling Kano Line Park. With hopes set on embarking on a journey to Gombe State, they entered the park only to find the final vehicle bound for their destination awaiting just three more passengers.

Unfortunately, the trio couldn't afford to pay the N6,000 transport fare from Kano to Gombe. They only have N2,800 each.

“We explained to them that we don't have the complete money," Kamalu recounted.

In the face of their predicament, the staff of the Road Transport Union remained unmoved by their pleas.

Amidst this challenging scenario, a ray of kindness emerged in the form of Halima Badamasi, a fellow passenger heading to Gomber.

This 41-year-old woman, upon learning of the trio's plight, summoned Kamalu and his friends and offered to cover the shortfall, contributing N4,000 for each of them.

They were amazed by her kindness. Kamalu told Prime Progress,We didn't expect this from a stranger we just met at a motor park.”

After making the payment, the passengers went into the car while their luggage was loaded, and in some minutes, the car rolled down to Kano—Wudil road for the over 300 kilometres journey to the city of Gombe.

A few hours later, they reached Darazo in Bauchi State. As the norm, passengers usually stop there along their journey–to get something to eat before continuing to their destination.

It was almost 7:00 PM when the driver stopped there, and he urged the passengers to hurry up and get what to eat. “Don't waste time, please; we have a long way to go,” he said.

While every passenger was out looking for what to buy, Kamalu and his friends stayed in the car.

As Badamasi failed to notice their presence at the nearby restaurant, she went to the car and asked them to come out and get something to eat. They wanted to decline her assistance, but she insisted.

Each one of them was given a plate of rice coupled with beans and a piece of meat which all cost N500. 

During the continued journey, Badamasi told the boys of her love for lending help as someone who has received the same.

Kamalu and his friends had travelled to Kano for a job they did not get and now forced to navigate an unexpected turn of events, their path home was uncertain.

As conversation among passengers flowed, the car eventually halted—a reminder that the junction leading to Bojude village had been reached. Here, Kamalu and his friends were to disembark, continuing their journey to the village.

With a lingering sorrow for their situation, Badamasi gave them each N500 notes and encouraged the trio to use the money for their journey and to keep them in their thoughts and prayers.

Gratitude radiated from Kamalu and his friends as they accepted the offered money. Expressing their heartfelt thanks, they embarked on their way.

In the wake of this remarkable display of kindness, this act of kindness left everyone in the car amazed.


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