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Osinbajo harps on hydropower as key for Nigeria’s transition into renewable Energy

By Stephanie Iyimoga
| Updated 16:06 01/05/2023
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Yemi Osinbajo, Nigeria’s Vice-President has highlighted the importance of hydropower as the core of Nigeria’s energy resources and its ambitious targets for renewable energy through the Energy Transition Plan and Renewable Energy Plan. 

In a series of tweets on Monday, May 1, 2023, Osinbanjo emphasized the importance of African countries shaping their own narrative on climate change: "Africans have to shape a narrative on Climate Change. A narrative that is not antagonistic but one that seeks to balance the global perspectives on the issue," He said.

Osibanjo said Nigeria is doing serious work around green energy, and the country has plans for renewable energy: "We may not probably be a country you think of when it comes to a green economy but the truth is Nigeria's hydropower is the core of its energy resources. Our Energy Transition Plan and Renewable Energy Plan both emphasize great ambitions for renewable energy," he tweeted.

Despite being a gas-rich country, Osinbajo questioned how Nigeria can make the case for itself in a way that emphasizes the trade-offs and actual benefits of transitioning to renewable energy.  Capital is also essential in driving the process for an equitable and fair carbon market, according to Osinbajo.

Nigeria, according to Osinbanjo, will focus on renewable energy and prioritize the Energy Transition Plan and Renewable Energy Plan as key policy in the fight against climate change. With abundant natural resources, Nigeria must be at the forefront of Africa's efforts to reduce carbon emissions and transition to a greener economy.

The Vice President's comments come as Nigeria, like many countries around the world, struggles with the challenges of balancing economic growth with environmental sustainability. He discussed these issues during his meeting with the Africa Europe Foundation, held on the sidelines of the Mo Ibrahim Governance Weekend Programme in Nairobi, Kenya.


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