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Nigerian student commits suicide after losing school fees in gambling

By Rejoice Taddy
| Updated 15:55 25/05/2023
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An ND II student of the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, Ogun State, has committed suicide after losing his tuition fee to sports gambling.

The deceased, Samuel Adegoke, is an  Electrical Electronic Engineering student who reportedly committed suicide on Monday when his colleagues were preparing for the first-semester exam.

It was gathered that the student had lost his school fees and that of his friend through sports gambling and resolved to end his situation by drinking a chemical substance suspected to be Sniper.

Sola Abiala, the school’s Rector, confirmed the incident on Wednesday, May 24, 2023. He said he was called from the school clinic that one of the students was sick, and when he got there, he learned that Samuel had gambled and lost his school fees. 

We have a policy here that any student that does not pay school fees will not write the examination. He realized that he and his friend would not write the exam; that was why he committed suicide.

“ We sent for his parents and briefed them. His father told us that his late son did the same thing last session, and he had to send him money to pay the fees. He said if he had known about the latest one, he would have paid for it,” Abiala said


Federal Polytechnic Ilaro Ogun State

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