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Low voter turnout as polls continue in Ugep, one of Cross River's largest towns

By Ogar Monday
| Updated 10:27 18/03/2023
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There has been low voter turnout compared to the presidential polls in Ugep, Cross River State, as elections continue to hold peacefully.

In most polling units visited by our correspondent, voters were lined up and voting peacefully, with the crowd in the February 25 presidential polls missing in most.

At the Biko Biko Town Hall Polling unit, which has more than 800 voters and maintained two long queues at 4 PM in the last poll, only one short line was formed today. 

At the Ugep Community Secondary School polling unit, there were no voters on the ground, as officials said the few who had turned up to vote had done so and left. It's almost the same situation in front of the court at Biko Biko, where election officials were attending to the few voters in the queue.

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