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JUST IN: Finland Police arrest Simon Ekpa, self-proclaimed IPOB leader

By Prime Progress
| Updated 16:36 23/02/2023
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The police in Finland have arrested Simon Ekpa, who proclaimed himself the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra or IPOB.

IPOB is a proscribed secessionist group seeking the breakaway of the people of the southeast extraction from Nigeria to form Biafra, their country.

Ekpa had for months boasted that he was above arrest in Finland for his incitement of violence in the southeast region because he holds Finnish citizenship.

His actions - inciting the killing of innocent people by armed secessionists who illegally and violently enforce a sit-at-home order every Monday against people's wishes - had prompted several Nigerian lawyers to petition the Finish government and request his arrest.

But his arrest might have been triggered by his threat to sabotage Nigeria's February 25 presidential election and others running till March 3.

Ekpa had said his boys would gravely punish any citizen in the southeast who participates or votes in the general election. His threats had prompted Nigeria's minister of foreign affairs to raise the issue with the Finnish Government during a recent meeting with Zubairu Dada, Finnish ambassador to Nigeria.

Ekpa proclaimed himself IPOB leader after the Nigerian Government arrested Nnamdi Kalu, leader of the group, on terrorism charges. He calls himself a disciple of Kanu and insists that elections must not hold in the region because the people want self-determination.

Simon Ekpa

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