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HREA Holds 2022 'Work Festival' To Advance Technology-Driven Work Experience In Africa

By Ekpali Saint
| Updated 22:52 26/08/2022
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In efforts to advance technology-driven work experience in Africa, the Human Resource Expo Africa (HREA), organisers of industry-leading conferences, exhibitions and training, is set to hold its 2022 international work festival in Lagos (Nigeria) and Kigali (Rwanda) between April 5 and 7, 2022.

The event, themed "The Future of Work in a Technology-driven World (Work-Humans)," will host over 500 companies across the continent.

Speaking on the event at a virtual press conference, HREA founder, Erefa Coker, stressed the importance of having daily conversations around the best ways to succeed in a technology-changing world.

"The biggest driver of digital transformation has been COVID-19 because, before March 2020, it was difficult to see people working from home. When we bring speakers from across the world, it is to come and tell us their experience and how they are succeeding so that we can begin to practice it within our culture," Coker said.

She added that "from 2015 till date, HREA has been organising industry-leading conferences, exhibitions and training through the work festival and we have had over 1000 sessions, 300 speakers and 10,000 attendees."

Taiwo Dayo-Abatan, a financial expert scheduled to speak at the event, said many professionals now struggle with the imbalance between technology and people. "Innovations, automation, and digital platforms have allowed for new ways of living and have contributed to drastic changes in working habits," he said.

He said "the festival will focus on ways to accelerate the future of work in a technology-driven world through resilient leadership and sustainability, people engagement, financial inclusion, technology, human capital management, better wellbeing, workforce upskilling, and result-oriented styles for a successful workplace."

More details here.

Human Resource Expo Africa HREA


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