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Having received kindness, this Unimaid student pledges to pay it forward

By Yahuza Bawage
| Updated 17:23 25/07/2023
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MAIDUGURI, BORNO: On Tuesday, April 11,  2023, when Abdulrahman Bukar went for a scholarship interview organized by the Ahmadu Bello Memorial Foundation at the Muhammad Indimi Centre for Distance Learning, University of Maiduguri, he had his mind zeroed on doing well at the interview and getting picked. 

At the interview, Bukar was honest about his plights with the interviewers and never held back on any information. He needed to be honest; the completion of his education depended on it. 

Disappointingly, Bukar wasn't picked as a beneficiary of the scholarship, but four days later, he got a text message from one of the persons that interviewed him. In the text, he was requested to send his bank account details.

“He told me to send it so that he could help me with a token for my school fees,” Bukar said, adding that  “Within 10 minutes, I received an alert from him for an amount of money that covered a considerable percentage of my registration fees.

Bukar couldn't hold back his excitement- a stranger he had only met for a few minutes had extended kindness to him in a way he could only imagine. 

This act of kindness came to Bukar at a time when he was struggling to raise his school fees, which was why he needed the scholarship.

Due to the experience with the interviewer, Bukar, who is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Pharmacy at the University of Maiduguri, now understands that kindness is selflessness.

“It also motivated me to help, no matter the situation I find myself in."



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