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Nigeria's curling team emerges Africa's first to qualify for Youth Olympics

By Ogar Monday
| Updated 13:29 11/05/2023
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Nigeria’s youth curling team is on the path to making history as the first African team to feature at a Youth Olympic Games, this is as the World Curling Federation has confirmed teams participating in next year’s competition. 

Formed in 2017, the Nigeria Curling Federation achieved a historic milestone in 2022 by handpicking children from the grassroots and training them in the sport of curling, and subsequently becoming the first African team to qualify for the Youth Olympic Games.

Played on ice, curling is typically an indoor sport. It involves two teams of four players each, who take turns sliding stones made of granite across a sheet of ice towards a target area known as the "house."

The aim of the game is to get your team's stones as close to the centre of the house as possible, while also strategically placing "guards" in front of the house to block the other team's shots. The game is played on a rectangular sheet of ice with a target area, or "house," at either end. 

Each team takes turns sliding their stones from one end of the sheet towards the other, with the objective of getting their stones as close as possible to the centre of the house. The team with the stone closest to the centre of the house at the end of a round scores a point, and the team with the most points at the end of the game wins. 

The curling championship at the Gangwon 2024 Youth Olympic Games will hold from January 21 until February 2, 2024, at Gangneung Curling Centre, South Korea. 


Nigeria Curling Federation

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