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Ghanaian literary icon Ama Aita Aidoo dies at 81

By Ogar Monday
| Updated 15:28 31/05/2023
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Celebrated Ghanaian writer and feminist Prof. Ama Aita Aidoo, has died at 81, according to a statement by the family.

Aita Aidoo, who served as Ghana’s Education Minister in 1982  but resigned after her plans to make education free in the country failed, is regarded as one of Africa’s most accomplished writers.  

After her taste of politics, Ama went on a self-imposed exile in Zimbabwe to focus on writing. 

In the statement by the family, signed by Ebusuapanyin Kwamena Essandoh Aidoo, the family said Ama Ata  Aidoo, their “ beloved relative and writer passed away in the early hours of this morning Wednesday 31" May 2023, after a short illness,” 

She has won many literary awards, including the 1992 Commonwealth Writers Prize for best books for her novel Changes. 

The family pleaded for privacy and said they would make public the day of her funeral in due course. 


Prof. Ama Aita Aidoo

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