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Double-Check:  Is Onome Ebi the oldest player in the 2023 FIFA World Cup?

By Ogar Monday, Rejoice Taddy
| Updated 18:03 04/09/2023
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Claim: A FIFA licenced photo journalist posted on Twitter that Nigeria’s captain to the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, Onome Ebi, is the oldest player at the tournament and has secured two Guinness World records. 

Verdict: Partly true: While Onome Ebi, who is 40 years old, is the oldest player at the tournament, she does not hold two Guinness World Records. 

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As the ninth edition of the FIFA Women's World Cup kicks off in New Zealand and Australia, the tournament continues to gather media attention on television, print and social media. 

So, it was not a surprise when popular football photojournalist Suliman Pooja Adebayo made a tweet about a player in the tournament.

 In the tweet,  Pooja claimed that Onome Ebi is the oldest player at the World Cup. Adding to her achievements, he also said that she has made five World Cup appearances, has spent 20 years with Super Falcons, is the captain of the super falcons, and has two Guinness World Records or GWR.

The tweet generated a diverse opinion.   A user, LOLADE, asks, "And she still looks this young?". Another user, Imo Punter, said, "40 years old, I guess, to add to it, and congratulations to her."

Other commenters questioned the claim that Ebi is the oldest footballer in the world cup. Fawas, for instance, asked, “What about the brazil player Marta?"

The tweet has so far been viewed 158K times and 657 retweets. 

Who is Onome Ebi?

Born on May 8 1983, Onome Ebi is a 40-year-old professional Nigerian Footballer who is the current captain of the Super Falcons, the Nigeria women's national team. After stints in Europe, including clubs in Turkey, Sweden and Spain, Ebi joined Nigeria's NWSL club, Abia Angels. 


In verifying Pooja's claim on Onome being the oldest player in the tournament, PrimeProgress checked the FIFA website and saw that Onome is listed as the oldest participant in the 2023 Women's world cup. The Brazilian player Marta Vieira da Silva, whom many have compared to Ebi, is three years younger than her. Also, a sports media website AS, reports that Canadian player Christine Sinclair, also at the tournament, is  40 years old. However, the Nigerian player is one month and four days older than Sinclair. 

World Cup appearance

To verify his claim that Ebi is appearing in her 5th world cup tournament, Primeprogress looked through the Twitter of the FIFA Women's World Cup, and a flyer shared by the competition organizers shows that the 40-year-old is her sIxth FIFA world cup, with Formiga (7), Homare Sawa (6),  and Marta (6), the only players with more appearances than the Nigerian. 


Ebi broke into the national team in  2003 and has since remained an integral part of the team. 

Guinness World Book of Records

To verify if Ebi has two Guinness records, PrimeProgress searched her name on the records of the famous record keeper, and her name was not found on the list of record holders.

Screenshot of the GWR page after a search of Ebi's name



Onome Ebi is the oldest player in this year's tournament. The 40-year-old Nigerian captain has spent 20 years with the Super Falcons and will be playing in her sixth FIFA World Cup. But there is no record that she has two Guinness records. 


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