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Climate Change: Osun sets up Climate Advisory Council, to create state climate action plan

By Stephanie Iyimoga
| Updated 16:06 06/06/2023
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In its bit to tackle climate change, the Osun State government has set up a climate advisory council and announced plans to create a state climate action plan. 

Ademola Adeleke, the Governor of Osun State, made this known during the ceremony commemorating this year’s World Environmental Day;  while expressing the desire to take climate issues seriously. 

Represented by Teslim Igbalaye, the Secretary to the State Government, Adeleke expressed concern about the state of the world and the grave environmental challenges we face. 

He stated, “The world is producing twice as much plastic waste as two decades ago, reaching 353 million tonnes in 2019, according to OECD figures.” He added, “8 million tonnes of plastic waste leaks into the ocean every year, and urgent action is needed to tackle this problem.”

Adeleke confirmed his support for the resolution endorsed by 175 countries at the United Nations Environment Assembly, which aims to eliminate plastic waste and environmental pollution. 

He directed the Ministry of Environment to develop an Osun State Action Plan Against Plastic Pollution within the next three months.

Adeleke concluded by setting a target, stating, “By the 2024 celebration of World Environment Day, Osun must have achieved milestones in concerted efforts to control plastic pollution.” 

He highlighted the need for a comprehensive approach encompassing waste prevention, alternative materials, improved waste management, and enhanced transparency in plastic supply chains.

At the event, Mallam Olawale Rasheed, the Spokesperson/Chairman of the Climate Advisory Council, said, “The state government has approved the creation of a State Climate Action Plan, the second of its kind in the country after Lagos State. This plan will serve as a guideline for the state’s climate actions and interactions.”

Rasheed revealed that the state had established a dedicated Department of Climate Change and renamed the Ministry of Environment to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. 

These changes signal a higher level of dedication and emphasise prioritising climate-related initiatives.

On the role of the council', Raheed said, “The council will support communities and stakeholders through training, resources, and technical assistance. It will develop management plans for natural resources, emergency response, state facilities, and agency equipment.” 

He stressed the need to update facility design and operation to adapt to future climate conditions and conduct research and monitoring to better understand climate change impacts and adaptation methods.


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