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Clean energy: Nigeria deploys solar hybrid power systems to health facilities

By Ogar Monday, Stephanie Iyimoga
| Updated 14:17 05/06/2023
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The solar panels at one of the facilities. Photo Credit: Abba Aliyu/

Nigeria has deployed 700 KW of  Containerised Solar Hybrid Power Systems to 14 health facilities in the South-south region of the country; this is according to the Rural Electrification Agency or REA.

Abba Aliyu, the Head of the Project Management Unit for NEP, who shared the news on Twitter, said the initiative is to help the facilities power critical loads and testing equipment, provide essential services for emergency operations, ensure a steady water supply through solar water pump systems, and retrofitting electrical appliances to energy-efficient standards.

"I am thrilled to announce a remarkable milestone achieved by the @TheREANigeria -NEP team! The official handover of the 50KW Solar Hybrid Containerized systems deployed by @HH_Synergy to 14 health facilities across the South-South region of Nigeria was successfully completed."

He further explained that this achievement is part of NEP's "COVID-19 & Beyond" intervention program, specifically the Solar Hybrid Mini Grid component. 

The program aims to provide sustainable energy to 100 ITCs and 400 Primary Healthcare Centers (PHCs) across Nigeria. 

By installing solar hybrid mini-grids, health facilities now have access to reliable, clean, and uninterrupted power supply, enabling them to provide high-quality healthcare services.

The project was done in collaboration with the World Bank through the Nigeria Electrification Project or NEP and is expected to reach 100 ITCs and 400 PHCs. It will serve over 1 million patients and create more than 13,000 direct and indirect jobs. The project aims to serve over 30,000 beds and deploy 15 MW of renewable energy.

Each of the facilities received  50KW Containerized Solar Hybrid Power Systems.







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