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AFDB gets new vice president for its technology, corporate services complex

By Victor Akuma
| Updated 15:55 05/04/2023
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The African Development Bank or AFDB has named Simon Mizrahi, a British national, vice president of the bank's Technology and Corporate Services Complex.

The bank disclosed this in a statement released on its Twitter handle on Wednesday.

The appointment, which took effect on April 1, will have Mizrahi lead the drive to fully digitalise the bank and deploy big data analytics, robotics, machine learning, and other IT tools to drive the bank's Real Estate Strategy and oversee the formulation and implementation of its policies and controls on asset management and information technology systems.

Mizrahi is a senior executive with over thirty years of experience exercising strategic leadership in development operations and policies.

Until now, Mizrahi served as acting vice president for the complex, doubling as director for the bank's Development Impact and Results Department.

"Mizrahi has acquired an in-depth understanding of the institution's business needs, its operating environment, and its corporate governance, as well as extensive experience leading complex corporate reforms and played a key role in the Bank's proposal for a seventh general capital increase, which produced $115 billion in additional capital, the largest increase in its history," the statement read n part.

It also stated that he was responsible for promoting transparency and accountability across the AFDB, leading to the 2022 publication of the bank's report titled "Publish What You Fund", earning the AFDB the most transparent development organisation in the world. 

"It ranked its Sovereign Portfolio first out of 50 global development institutions in its Aid Transparency Index with a top score of 98.5." the bank said.

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