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Abia's First Lady vows to rehabilitate pregnant teens rescued from baby factory

By Rejoice Taddy
| Updated 13:40 07/06/2023
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Priscilla Otti, the wife of the Governor of Abia State, has vowed to provide rehabilitation for the 21 pregnant teenagers recently rescued from a baby factory in the state.

Mrs Otti, speaking on June 6, 2023, at the Madonna College of Health Technology in Umuahia, where the victims were received, expressed her commitment to addressing the situation.

Media reports had highlighted the raid conducted by officers of the 14 Brigade of the Nigerian Army on a baby-making facility in the Isiala Ngwa South Local Government area of Abia State. The troops rescued 21 pregnant teenagers and two babies from the factory.

Mrs Otti emphasized the urgent need for action, expressing her determination to ensure appropriate measures are taken to reintegrate the women back into society.

"The existence of such operations in Abia State is distressing. This complex problem takes advantage of young girls who are enticed with false promises of financial rewards after giving birth to the babies," Mrs Otti stated.

"I have personally witnessed this situation, and I am committed to taking the necessary steps to ensure the girls receive proper care during and after delivery, with the ultimate goal of improving their lives," she added.

Furthermore, Mrs Otti announced her intention to collaborate with faith-based organizations to bolster her campaign against baby factories and teenage pregnancy.


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