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187 school administrators in Bauchi get new skills for monitoring, evaluating

By Victor Akuma
| Updated 16:25 14/04/2023
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About 187 members of the Bauchi State School of Management Committee or SBMC and School of Management Team have received training on the effective management of schools to meet international standards.

Connected Development or CODE, a local nonprofit strengthening the capacity of marginalised communities to hold the government to account, organised the training in collaboration with Learn to Read, a USAID-funded project aimed to improve reading outcomes among pupils, with support from the State Universal Basic Education Board.

Martaba FM, a local radio house in Bauchi, reported that the training workshop, held separately in Katagum, Misau and Bauchi local government areas, covered the state's three senatorial zones.

CODE's programme officer, Abdulaziz Hussain, said the training focused on community governance structures, with new modalities that would boost the capacity of teaching, monitoring and evaluation of SBMC.

Abdul'aziz said that the training is also part of efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of school administration, where participants will acquire the requisite knowledge to plan and effectively manage schools in the state.

He further noted that it is essential that the trainees know their roles and responsibilities in the educational sector so they can effectively improve teaching and learning in a conducive environment.

While thanking CODE and other development partners for their support in the educational sector, Malam Bello, the deputy director of social mobilisation in Bauchi State, urged participants to ensure the implementation of the training requirements.

The trainees assured the organisation that the impact of what they have learnt will be felt soonest in the state's educational system.

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