New job openings:

  1. Audience Development and Social Media Lead (remote but full-time)


  • Ability to use Google Analytics, interpret and present analytics reports
  • Strong ability to lead and drive engagement among the audience on social media and messaging platforms
  • Strong email and digital marketing skills
  • Strong social media management skills
  • At least two years of experience in the above skills

Your Role:

  • You will engage with our audience members across our social media platforms and one-on-one virtually to convert them to Prime Progress' brand lovers.
  • Create and lead Prime Progress' audience groups across our social media platforms and chat groups
  • Develop and lead email and social media marketing strategies, including sending weekly newsletters.
  • Lead Prime Progress' migration from Universal Analytics to Analytics 4 and prepare and present weekly analytics reports for editorial and marketing discussion.

2.  Associate Editor/Analyst (Remote but full-time)


  • Strong analytical skills
  • Strong editing ability
  • Ability to identify big stories in everyday social issues beyond the eye of an average writer
  • Attention to details
  • At least three years of editing experience with a structured media organisation
  • Must have video editing and graphics skills


  • Produce at least one deep analysis of a pressing social issue in Nigeria every week
  • Give editorial support to reporters
  • Edit stories from reporters
  • Produce a short highlight of each week's top stories


3. New desk lead (Remote but full-time)

Prime Progress is setting up a new desk for gathering and reporting on issues and stories about people showing unexpected kindness to others in need on our streets and communities. In addition, this desk will publish stories about people overcoming gender and social stereotypes for their livelihood and development.


  • Multimedia storytelling skills are a huge advantage, especially video stories
  • Ability and commitment to identify and curate acts of kindness stories
  • Ability to work with and support other reporters to gather more of such stories
  • Video editing and graphics skills

To apply, please send your undated cv to